The Importance of a Fully Managed Web Hosting Provider

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Making the decision between a non-managed and a managed web hosting provider depends mostly on the amount of experience that you have with running a website. Though it is important to note that even the most experienced website owners still prefer to choose managed web hosting providers. Below are just some of the reasons as to why managed is superior to non-managed.

Increased Manpower

As a small business it can be incredibly difficult to have the right amount of manpower to make sure that your hosting and security needs are taken care of. It is nearly impossible if you don’t know how to handle hosting on your own. This is where the professionals come into play as they know what tools and software you need to ensure that your website has an untouchable level of reliability and the highest performance possible. They handle all of the tough aspects of owning and operating a website so that you don’t have to.

Reducing Your Responsibility

In comparison to choosing a unmanaged hosting, managed hosting gets rid of all of the responsibility of making sure that your site is running the way that it should. You won’t have to worry about spending hours trying to debug your site to make sure that its working properly and you also don’t have to worry about whether your site goes down in the middle of the day. You will essentially be receiving an out-of-office IT team that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Improved Security

You would be surprised at the sheer amount of information that people can get about you and your company just from your servers alone. This is why more people are choosing managed web hosting providers as they help to make sure that all of your security issues are diagnosed and repaired when necessary. All unnecessary spam will be filtered out, viruses will be found and eradicated, and firewalls can be configured whenever necessary. All of your information will be kept locked down and protected throughout the year.

Providing Efficient Backup Services

Another thing to take into consideration is what happens to your files in the event of lost data as a result of a hardware malfunction or even a natural disaster. It is the responsibility of your managed web host to make sure that all of your files are regularly backed up to reduce the chances of lost data.